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Our mission is to provide kids at an early age with a strong foundation for success in soccer

or any sport by creating a holistic program that integrates both physical and mental skills. Miami Soccer After school Development Academy was created to provide both parents and students with a solution to make the best out of our most precious and priceless resource, TIME. We are the first in our area to provide an After School Academy that includes transportation of students (See list of participating schools) directly to our covered facilities and provide a daily agenda that is both fun and challenging.


Everything we do here at Miami Soccer After school Development Academy evolves around our three core pillars. We believe embracing a clear philosophy of work yields consistent and clear results.

Life Skills

  • Team Work
  • Respect For Others
  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Healthy Life Style

Mental Skills

  • Motivation
  • Emotional Control
  • Working Under Pressure
  • Game Awareness
  • Mental Speed

Technical Skills

  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Ball Control
  • Passing Accuracy
  • Body Positioning
Everything we do here at Miami Soccer After school Development Academy evolves around our three core pillars. We blieve embracing a clear philosophy of work yields consistent and clear results.

We understand that above all things, kids want to have fun, so everything we do takes into account giving them activities that we belive they will enjoy; but at the same time, help us build them into better people and athletes. Below is an approx. time and activity agenda you can expect for your child.


Miami Soccer ADA is a premiere soccer academy, dedicating the best resources to really make a positive impact on the lives of all our students. This includes hosting our daily academy at one of the best soccer Facilities in Miami , Stadio Soccer, which allows us to offer our students a sun/rain free environment and a dedicated field per age group.


Develop a habit of playing and enjoying sports

Obtain early foundation of mental, physical and Technical skills to excel in any sport

Reduce wasted time in traffic or on the phone and apply it towards learning life long skills

Be part of a group of like minded friends that can last a lifetime


Significantly reduce daily commute time to and from schools and academies

Enjoy more quality time with your child

Registration & Pricing

Our 2023/2024 Season is from August 17th to December 21th and continues from January 8th to June 6th. This is a 9 month program. Our regular pricing is $199 weekly and it includes the following:

Supported Schools
Miami Shores Elementary Biscayne ● Beach Elementary Treasure ● Island Elementary ● Phyllis R. Miller Elementary


Transportation from supported schools


Training by certified and experience coaching staff


Coaching from a licensed pscyhologist to help our students


Quaterly Evaluation Report


Over 72 program hours per month!

Register Early prior to Sep 1st and lock in the whole year for $199 weekly.

Payments Details

Pay $199 to secure your spot in our program. This includes 2 complete uniforms and a personalized bag from our academy.

A credit or debit card most be kept on file for automatic monthly payments the 1st of each month

The last month of the program must be paid in advance prior to the 3rd month of the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a month to month program.

It is not, this is a 9 month program. This program is designed for parents who are looking for the long term development and growth of their chilldren as athletes.

Is this a competitive or recreational program?

We are starting our program as recreational and when we have a group that we fill is fit to compete, we will create a competitive team.

Is it for both girs and boys?

Registration is open for both girls and boys; however all teams will be co-ed for now.

Is the monthly cost less if I drive my child to your facility?

No it is not, transportation is part of our standard service.

At what time do we need to pick our child up?

Groups of Kinder and first grade need to be picked up before 6pm. Second thru fifth grade need to be picked up before 6:30pm.

What happens if I'm late to pick up my child?

We give a 15 minute grace period; however charge $5 for each additoinal 10 minutes after that time.

What happens if we want to cancel before the end of the 9 months

After the first 30 days, the last month deposit becomes non-refundable, this is because we have very limited spots and we give 30 days for parents and kids to decide, after that period there is a cancellation fee to compensate for taking a spot that could have gone to another child.

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We will be happy to help you!
523RD NW 73RD TER MIAMI FL 33150
+1 (305) 440-7832

Contact Us

We will be happy to help you!

Miami Soccer

523RD NW 73RD TER MIAMI FL 33150

+1 225 365 03

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